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Post by Derek Moon on Sat May 14, 2016 11:58 am


-Enhanced senses

-Enhanced speed & strength

-Faster reflexes

-They live/work in packs


-Pack animals, aren't naturally independent

-Required to listen to alpha wolves

-Instinctive, which isn't always a good thing

-Their hearing and sense of smell are VERY sensitive

-They cannot be touched by silver

-They shift when they're at a certain level of anger, and always shift no matter what when the moon is full


-Can shift from human to wolf

-Linked to another werewolf (in rare cases a human) as their mate, they can reject this bond and make their choice or accept it

-Their wounds heal instantly, unless from an alpha, in that case it takes longer

-They first shift when they hit ages 15-17, and go to older, more experienced wolves for help

-The eyes of their wolf & human form are ALWAYS different colors, though they can be different shades of the same color

-At age 18, they reach their full height and have 100% matured

-Alphas are typically larger than usual werewolves/people in both forms

-To expand their pack if needed, alphas and betas leave their mark on a human to turn them into one of them

-They can mind-link each other or humans, though only experienced wolves can mind-link humans, and their eyes cloud slightly when they do.

-Alphas can relieve pain from others, mostly those that are just turning or shifting for the first time, and they are the only ones taught this action, when they do their eyes turn to the color of their wolf form's and their veins darken drastically.
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